English Essentials Vol 39

Topics covered in the Issue

Section 1 – Our Blue Planet is Under Attack

1.1 Introduction: Climate change it’s here and now
1.2 What is climate change?
1.3 What is global warming?
1.4 What are greenhouse gases?
1.5 What causes climate change?
1.6 What are the evidences of climate change?
1.7 What is the impact of global climate change?
1.8 Who keeps tabs on climate change?
1.9 What is the reality of climate change in Malaysia?
1.10 Solutions – Nine things you can do to reduce carbon footprint.
1.11 Conclusion- What does the future hold for our Blue Planet?
1.12 Reading Responses – Higher Order Thinking and General Questions.

Section 2 – Agriculture and Modern Innovative Technology to Fight Climate Change

Section 3 – Malaysian Snapshot – Current Issues
3.1 Only 2.2% of the Malaysian Population donates blood
3.2 Malaysia gets poor marks for road safety
3.3 6.7 Million on the road with no licences
3.4 Many lives are at stake –Hepatitis C
3.5 Society calls for national cancer control plan
3.6 In dire need for kidneys

Section 4 – Back cover – An Inconvenient Truth