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It's all about learning how to learn which are questioning and reasoning. It helps learners to understand the process of self discovery and stimulate inner thought before making decisions. Hence, it applies the concept of an autonomous learner by being independent through own knowledgeable and intellectual thought through discovery.

Mr. Zairull - Mrsm Terendak

The session was very interesting and it is like a journey to a self discovery for some of the students. The session activated the students' inner thoughts which stimulate their thinking.

Fadzlin Fedder - Mrsm Terendak

The practice of constantly using HOTS activities in class will create students with critical thinking. Teachers should apply it.

Madam Fazilah Mat Seh - Mrsm Terendak

A fun an interactive workshop. The students enjoyed themselves. They learnt how to think critically and out of the box too Kudos.

Madam Suliana - Mrsm Terendak

I would like to share my team's experience using ENGLISH ESSENTIALS e-card. There were panic attacks everywhere the moment our minister announced the sudden closing of schools. Nevertheless, we were glad that we had purchased the cards earlier. No last minute photocopying of worksheets. Imagine the hassle. Our English Department just distibuted the cards. Some parents were amazed with the implimentation of technology. Now their children have access to good English reading materials.There were lots of activities especially enrichment exercises which focus on grammar and vocabulary. It is indeed the BEST LONG TERM INVESTMENT for our pupils.

SMA Shamsudiniah - English Department

I would like to share my personal experience using EE's e-card. Reading through the vast articles inspired me to write a poem on COVID-19. So happened there was this national poem writing competition organised by MOE for Form 6 student some where in Sept 2020. EE helped pen down my thoughts which i used to inspire and coach my F6 student to write a poem on Covid-19 titled Mysterious Entity which eventually was chosen as the best poem by MOE on 2nd December 2020. Teachers can effectively use the content in EE to inspire students to write essays, poems, reflections etc.

Stanley Nyanaprakasan - Putrajaya.

Greetings! I have been reading and going through English Essentials from the form of hard copies to its present soft copy. The book has revolved to be essential to students and everyone seeking to improve their English Language competency. The subject matters covered encompasses local and foreign settings which enable readers to adopt and adapt. Being a person involved in teaching and learning English for over 30 years, I strongly recommend this book to all of you. All the best.

R. Baskran Raman Nair - Retired English Teacher

Best Reference Book

Ms. Jane - HM - SMK JOJO

Superb Book to Read

Sajan - CEO, Sajan Training Center