The core business of English Essentials is publishing, marketing and distributing English Essentials as well as Training Consultancy. The founder of  the Company Mr. Sambanthan Ponnusamy, and associates are by profession Training Consultants and in their training sessions, they have realized that our students are excellent academically but they  lack the fluency in English, poor knowledge of the environment, do not have good social and communication skills and also lack of critical and creative thinking skills.

The Founder took on a mission to compliment the current education system by conceiving English Essentials. Primarily, English Essentials role is “Enrichment & Enhancement” by providing the necessary tools to students so that they could face the competitive world and become a survivor. Today, we live in a world  which is “Idea- Driven” and our future generations need to be Knowledgeable, Skillful and Competitive.

As for our Training Programme, it is  conducted for students and teachers under the theme of “The Renaissance Students – Dawn of a Journey” and “The Renaissance Teachers – Dawn of a Journey”. We have also conducted Entrepreneurial Training Programs under the theme of “The Need for Plan B”.  Primarily, the training programmes are designed to bring the Reality, Challenges and Expectations of the “Real World” to participants so that they could prepare for the critical years of their life, especially for students as they enter the employment market and for teachers to feel the challenges that await their students. In essence, the training programme is a reflection of the spirit of English Essentials.

Our Creed

“AR English Essentials strives to create a generation that is Knowledgeable, Skilful and Competitive in the fast changing “Idea-Driven” world.

“To be a leading company in the training and education field by constantly anticipating market needs and providing quality services and innovative products that create real and lasting value for customers, thereby contributing to the company, staff and community” Our mission is to be truly relevant to the needs of our customers.

English Essentials will always be guided by the values of professionalism, prudence, adaptability, respect, teamwork and integrity. In today’s challenging economic environment, it is imperative that English Essentials must continually innovate and create value for its customers in order to be relevant. Cognizant of this reality, English Essentials has, embraced a process of continued dynamic evolution, anchored on the stable foundation that it has patiently built.

To meet the growing needs of its customers, English Essentials has progressively expanded its customer base not only to students and teachers but also to the general public.  From the core business of publishing English Essentials and Training Consultancy, it has collaborated with MNCs under CSR Programs to contribute towards “Nation Building”.

Why are our Graduates Unemployed?

There have been many reasons given for youth unemployment, from skill mismatch to the lack of soft skills like a good command of the English language. A study done by  the World Bank, highlights that Malaysian firms consistently report difficulties in sourcing talent as one of their top business challenges.

Among the skills gaps listed are basic numeracy and literacy skills, as well as ‘soft’ skills such as analytical thinking, communication, and problem-solving abilities. Primarily, our graduates are unemployed due to the following reasons:

Why are our Graduates Unemployed?

  • Unable to communicate in English.
  • Do not have good social and communication skills.
  • Poor knowledge of the environment.
  • Lack of Critical and Creative Thinking Skills.

English Essentials is designed to combat the above four key weaknesses in our graduates.