English Essentials Vol 47, 48 & 49

Topics Covered In The Issue


  1. We Are All One
  2. If You Love Your Country
  3. Morality is the Most Basic Expectation of Man
  4. A Beautiful Letter Written by a Father to his Daughter
  5. An Extraordinary Act by Madam Noriza Mansor –
    Which goes beyond Race, Religion, Colour and Creed
  6. Bringing True Love and Humanity into this World
  7. Being Happy Depends On Us
  8. Dying Without a Penny
  9. Helping An Old Lady In Need
  10. Honesty Pays
  11. Philosophy of Life by a Visionary – Last Words of Steve Jobs
  12. Sacrifice by a Child for Friendship
  13. The Meaning of Life!!!
  14. Three Short Stories About Happiness
  15. Is Your Child Getting Enough Vitamin N?
  16. Time is Our Most Precious Treasure
  17. The Power of Faith – He’s Taking Me Home
  18. Ducks Quack and Eagles Soar
  19. Power of Your Thoughts
  20. How To Make Your Personality Attractive
  21. Formula for Sure Success
  22. Love Me Now While I Am Alive!
  23. A Reasonable Dose of Worries is Necessary
  24. How to Overcome Troubles of Life?
  25. What An Age We Are In!
  26. Virtues of Importance
  27. Be Interesting and Interested
  28. What I learnt From Life – Never Accept Defeat
  29. I am Changing
  30. Drinking from the Saucer
  31. Whoever Guards His Tongue Keeps His Soul from Troubles
  32. We Shall Definitely Overcome!
  33. An Old Lady Withdrawing Money
  34. Deep Love and Gratitude – You will never stumble.
  35. The Giver is Bigger than the Receiver
  36. Dignity is not for Negotiable
  37. Common Sense is Showing Little Kindness
  38. Why Me?
  39. Live Your Life More By Example
  40. A Sense of Duty
  41. Life Is the Greatest Teacher of All
  42. A Letter from Abraham Lincoln to his son’s Head Master
  43. Positive Thinking Quotes
  44. Overcome the “After Theory”
  45. Do Not Be Petty – Minded
  46. Who is a Gentleman?
  47. Tolerance Leads to Happiness
  48. Tackle Your Emotions with Care
  49. You Are As Young As You Feel
  50. What’s Life?
  51. The Snake and the Saw
  52. She Slept with Her Snake and then the Vet Told Her Something Shocking
  53. Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam – A Symbol of Humility
  54. Stop Boasting
  55. One Man’s Mission
  56. Learn to Cut Pride and Learn to Control Anger
  57. What is the Value of Your Life?
  58. The Meaning of Success
  59. Somehow I am Always Held
  60. Life is a Gift
  61. Dedication and Passion can Overcome Any Obstacles
  62. Cranky Old Man
  63. My Soul Has a Hat
  64. It’s Not Over until ……. You Say it’s Over
  65. I am Because We Are
  66. The Soul Always Knows What To Do To Heal Itself
  67. Live with Gratitude
  68. Invictus – The Poem Which Changed the Destiny of a Nation
  69. Virtues – The Gifts of Character
  70. Six Little Inspiring Stories of: Faith, Trust, Hope, Confidence, Love and Attitude
  71. Nature is an Integrated Process of Immense Complexity
  72. Sweeten Life with Simple Acts of Courtesy
  73. Best Person You Can Be
  74. Be Fair
  75. Find the World within You
  76. A Man is As Great As
  77. Humility
  78. On Being Beautiful
  79. Common Bond
  80. On Making Mistakes
  81. Discover Your Creative ‘Self’
  82. Be Self – Reliant to Succeed
  83. Hearty Laugh
  84. True Sacrifice and True Selflessness
  85. 19 Aug 2018
  86. UN Secretary-General’s Message On World Humanitarian Day
  87. Don’t Be A Patriotic For A Day. Be One Every Day.
  88. Unified in Diversity.
  89. The Malaysian Experience to Unity – Not All is Lost.