English Essentials Vol 22

Topics covered in the Issue

1. Extinction of Tigers in Malaysia
2. Unity and National Integration (Malaysia Truly A Nation of Unity in Diversity)
3. Reading, the Pathway to become an Intellect and Ultimately a Man of Wisdom
4. Ten (10) Interesting Topics to Develop Communication Skills with Confidence & Engage in Conversation for Every Occasion
5. The Need for Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)
6. Lateral Thinking Puzzles to strengthen Higher Order Thinking Skills.
7. Word Play – Similar But Not The Same
8. Cloze Passage
9. Rearranging Paragraphs
10. Double Puzzle – Where Are These?
11. Correct The Errors
12. Adjectives
13. Determiners
14. Subject And Verb Agreement
15. Simple Past Tense
16. Adverbial Phrases
17. Exercises on Meanings of Expressions
18. Interrogative Pronouns
19. Present Continuous Tense
20. The Conservationist President
– Theodore Roosevelt