English Essentials Vol 43

Topics Covered In The Issue

Section 1 – The Editor Speaks

Section 2 – Feature Articles

2.1 Organizations That Keep the World Together
2.2 The United Nations Ambitious Goals for 2030

Section 3 – Global Competition and Innovations

3.1 Malaysians need futuristic thinking to survive in today’s competitive world
3.2 A Lesson to take from Yahoo

Section 4 – Global Personality

4.1 The incredible rise of Sundar Pichai, considered to be one of the most powerful CEO’s in the world

Section 5 – Global History and Geography – A Lesson on the Dynamics of the Oil lndustry

5.1 The Secret of the Seven Sisters and the dynamics of the oil industry
5.2 The Story by Aljazeera
5.3 These are the new Seven Sisters
5.4 Classroom Discussion & Activity

Section 6 – Philosophy & Moral Education

6.1 A Beautiful letter written by a father to his daughter
6.2 The Meaning of Life!!!

Section 7 – Malaysian Snapshots -Current Issues

7.1 Depression on the rise as Malaysians burn out from stress, expert warns
7.2 Approximately 3,000 tonnes a month: Why are Malaysians wasting so much food?
7.3 Approximately 99 percent inmates found employment after parole
7.4 Why Malaysia imports vegetables?
7.5 Growing concern over diabetes
7.6 Government allocated RM730 million for SJKT since 2010
7.7 Malaysia needs 3,000 family medicine specialists
7.8 Malaysians get heart attacks at a younger age than others
7.9 Classroom Discussion & Activity

Section 8 – Personal Development

8.1 10 Out of the Box Interview Questions our students would face in the real world

Section 9 – Back Cover – Ban Ki Moon