English Essentials Vol 42

Topics Covered In The Issue

Section 1 – Cancer- The Hope and Despair of a Treacherous Disease

1.1 Introduction
1.2 World Cancer Day – Message from the Secretary
– General of the United Nations
1.3 Key Messages and Statistics
1.4 The History of Cancer
1.5 Inspirational Stories of Cancer Conquerors
1.6 The need for enhanced Palliative Care
1.7 A woman’s contribution to fight cancer
1.8 Classroom Activity – Higher Order Thinking & General Questions

Section 2 – Woman and Humanity

2.1 United Nations Message on International Women’s Day
2.2 The Worst Countries to be in as a Woman
2.3 Women in History

Section 3 – Malaysian Snapshots – Current Issues

3.1 Medical tourism industry expected to generate RM2 billion by 2020
3.2 PM presses need to build culture of religious tolerance and harmony
3.3 Malaysia needs one million affordable homes
3.4 States GDP Contribution to the National Economy
3.5 Cases brought to Court for Children since 2011
3.6 Motorcyclists record highest numbers of fatalities in KL
3.7 More than 60 per cent of toilets in the country are “below standard”
3.8 New power plant to use biomass residue to generate electricity in Sarawak
3.9 Socso – Rising deaths among those aged between 40 and 50
3.10 Global community must address food security issue
3.10 Malaysians unfit at work

Section 4 – Classroom Activity – Thinking “Out of Box”

4.1 Seven Lateral Thinking Questions

Section 5 – Back Cover – Dato’ Dr S.K. Dharmalingam
– Malaysia’s first oncologist