English Essentials Vol 36

Topics covered in the Issue

Section 1 – Articles, HOTS Questions and Glossaries

China – The Rising Super Power (A Vision To Create A New World Order)

1.0 China’s New World Order
1.1 A Brief History
1.2 The Dawn of a New Era -The Economic Strength of China
1.3 Rejection of the Dollar: Mutual Trading in National Currencies.
1.4 China’s Dominant Role in BRICS
– The New Development Bank (NDB)
1.5 China’s strategy of “Soft Power – Hard Cash” policy with specific reference to Africa
1.6 Asia and Africa are not enough – China extents its influence in Latin America
1.7 ASEAN-CHINA Economic Relations
1.8 Chinese Brands Goes Global: A Race to Conquer World Markets
1.9 Alibaba
1.10 Malaysia in China’s New World Order
1.11 Malaysia – China Trade Relations
1.12 A Strategic Decision: Mandarin – The Third Language of Business & Opportunity?
1.13 Conclusion

Section 2 – A Towering Personality

2.1 Lee Kuan Yew – Singapore’s Legendary Architect.
2.2 The Legend
2.3 A Legend of His Time
2.4 Conclusion

Section 3 – Counting the Cost – Global Issues

3.1 On the Move: The Impact of Economic Migration
3.2 Afghanistan’s War Economy
3.3 Going Green: Denmark’s Energy Revolution
3.4 Affordable Housing: The Haves and Have Nots
3.5 Oil Wars: Saudi vs The World?
3.6 France: The New Sick Man of Europe?
3.7 Ebola and The Pharmaceutical Industry
3.8 Indonesia’s Sugar Addiction
3.9 Italy’s Olive Industry Under Threat
3.10 Bangladesh: The Cost of Fashion

Section 4 – Career Development (Difficult Interview Questions)

Section 5 – Language Games

Section 6 – Back Cover – Lee Kuan Yew (1923 – 2015)