English Essentials Vol 34

Topics covered in the Issue

Section 1 – The Changing Global Oil Dynamics
– The Shocking Reality.
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Our Responsibility to Feel the “Pulse” of the Oil Industry
1.3 The volatile global oil prices
1.4 What is the right oil price for the industry and its players?
1.5 The Impact
1.6 Beneficiaries
1.7 Contributing Factors
1.8 The Future of Oil & Gas
1.9 Conclusion
1.10 Reading Responses (Higher Order Thinking Questions)
1.11 Vocabulary – Meaning of words from the text (English to Malay)

Section2 – The Malaysian Scene – Know Your Country

2.1 A survey on patriotism – Are Malaysians patriotic?
2.2 EPF – Its investment portfolio. A symbol of our pride
2.3 Mental Health – More Malaysians are expected to suffer
2.4 Medical Degrees – A Drop in intake at public universities
2.5 FB users lose RM800 million to scams. Really shocking!
2.6 Women’s participation in politics –
– An on-going struggle to break the boundaries
2.7 MAS – An evolution that reflected the cultural essence of Malaysia
2.8 Tax evaders – Barred from leaving the country
2.9 Keeping our kidneys healthy
2.10 Billion litres of water down the drain
– Do Malaysians value the infinite resource?
2.11 PNB disbursed RM117.8 billion over 33 years
– A credible achievement
2.12 What does it mean to be middle – class in Malaysia?
2.13 Corruption – A serious social disease needing intensive treatment
2.14 Non – Chinese in Chinese primary schools – National Unity & Integration
2.15 Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) – Loan defaulters. A Shame!
2.16 Subsidy – It has increased 14 times since 2002. Does this benefit the economy?
2.17 Vernacular Education – Does the Government neglect these schools?
2.18 National debt – Is it a threat to the economy?
2.19 Medical Tourism – 770,000 foreigners came to Malaysia for health care in 2013
2.20 More Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) on the road
2.21 Tenaga Gets Smart – Enhances efficiency and reduces conflict
2.22 Malaysian households are addicted to debt – Debts a way of life

Section3 – The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)